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Stainless Steel GRP Fixings

We offer a wide range of stainless steel GRP fixings for use with our QuartzGrip® GRP Open Mesh, Solid Top grating and GRP Structural Profiles, including: M-Clips, G-Clamps, Square Clips, Joining Bars, J-Clamps and Dome Washers.


Use M- Clips to fix Open Mesh Grating to profiles or surfaces using an M8 nut & bolt.

GRP Fixing M-Clip graphic


G-Clamps can be used to join two open mesh panels side by side

Specialist GRP Fixing for open mesh panels

Square Recess Clips

Use Square Recess Clips instead of M-Clips for a more rigid fixing of Open Mesh.

Dome Washers

Trip-free Dome Washers can be used on Solid Top Grating and on Profiles

Joining Bars

A robust clip for joining any type of GRP panels side by side


When you can’t drill into a steel profile use a J-Clamp

GRP Fixings in Situ

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