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DeckSafe's GRP Solutions for the Utility Industries

GRP Utility Industry Solutions

Gas, water and power plants each come with a unique set of challenges; thankfully GRP Utility Industry solutions will meet them all. Our standard Isophthalic panels and profiles are non-sparking, non-slip and chemical resistant. We can also supply specialist versions for more extreme locations if required.

GRP Bund Floors

Grey bund floor surrounding a bund tank at Northern Thames Water

Bund Floors can be fabricated using QuartzGrip® Anti-slip Mesh Grating, that sits on a ‘free-standing’ framework made using GRP Structural Profiles. Nothing is drilled into the bund walls potentially compromising their integrity. GRP is waterproof and chemical-resistant so it won’t be damaged in the event of a spill.

GRP Sump Covers

Ideal for covering sumps, tanks, drains, manholes, trenches and pits, GRP Mesh – open or solid top – is corrosion-free, chemical and impact resistant and remains anti-slip even in wet or oily conditions. It’s also less than half the weight of the equivalent metal or concrete covers, making lifting it for maintenance access so much easier.

GRP Machine Guards

DeckSafe’s ScreenGuard GRP Mesh is just 12mm thick and has a smooth finish, making it ideal to use as a screen to protect operatives from moving machinery. It can be used to create security screens or storage cages, it can be added to handrailing to prevent items falling through, or used as fencing to keep unauthorised people out.

GRP Maintenance Platforms

For multi-floor machinery or control panels and maintenance hatches that are installed in hard-to-reach places, gaining access safely can be a challenge. GRP Stairs, Gantries and Access Platforms, ranging in size from simple threshold steps to more intricate high-level platforms ensure operational and maintenance crews remain safe at all times.

GRP Access Steps

Whether you need one or two steps to a doorway or maintenance platform, or a multi-storey staircase to reach a roof-top or mezzanine floor, a GRP Staircase offers an anti-slip, low-maintenance and low-noise solution.

GRP Step Overs

A Step Over or Hop Over can be constructed to any height, width or length for quick and easy installation. GRP is less than half the weight of the steel equivalent, so most Step Overs can be placed manually – no heavy lifting equipment is required. It is also long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Please contact us to discuss your GRP Utility industry solution requirements