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GRP Anti-Slip Range

GRP Anti-Slip Range of Solutions for Steps and Walkways

The high performance QuartzGrip® GRP Anti Slip Range offers a collection of simple, retro-fit solutions to fix slippery floors, walkways, steps, stairs and ladders in the toughest of environments, to keep staff, customers and passengers safe from slips and falls. Suitable for use on wood, concrete, stone, metal or brick surfaces, they can be quickly and easily installed using PU230 Adhesive and screws.

Choose slip-resistant Flat Plate for covering large areas of floor, narrow Anti-Slip Grip Strips for use on decking and footpaths and Stair Tread Covers or Nosing to avoid falls on staircases. The colour options can either blend with the original surface for minimum aesthetic disruption or highlight potential hazards for visual awareness.

Long-Lasting Solution

Each of our GRP Anti Slip products has a layer of quartz crystals embedded on the surface providing UNBEATABLE grip on floors that are prone to becoming wet, icy or oily. This layer won’t wear down or wear off and, because it’s embedded, the colour won’t fade either. We offer a standard range of colours – yellow, grey, black, white, beige, green and brown but can supply any RAL colour required.

If you have areas in your factory, depot or warehouse that could benefit from one of our GRP anti slip solutions, get in touch today.

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