DeckSafe's GRP Solutions for the Rail industry

GRP Rail Industry Solutions

From depot to trackside to platform, GRP Rail industry solutions provide a long-lasting, low-noise access solution in any rail environment.

GRP Embankment Stairs

GRP is the ideal choice for Embankment Steps to combat the inherent issues associated with traditional materials by being lightweight, high-strength, non-conductive, non-corrosive, non-sparking and fire resistant which is key in this particular environment.

GRP Track/Cess Walkways

TrackSafe Walkways are a popular GRP rail industry solution

Whether the Walkway runs alongside or across the track, using hi-vis yellow GRP Grating improves safety. Not only is it anti-slip, the bright colour alerts both pedestrians and train drivers to the potential hazard.

GRP Maintenance Platforms

Cleaning and maintenance access to trains in a depot often needs to reach the roof as well as the doors. A multi-storey GRP Maintenance Platform allows staff to safely reach every part of the train.

GRP Mobile Platforms

When a permanent platform isn’t an option, a Mobile Access Platform can provide safe access wherever it’s needed – for the driver, passengers or maintenance crews.

GRP Trench Covers

GRP Solid Top Grating can provide a trip-free, non-slip cover for trenches housing cables and pipes

GRP Access Platforms

Drivers access platforms are a GRP rail industry solution that improve the safety of drivers and maintenance crews

A fixed GRP Driver’s Access Platform offers drivers and engineers a safe place to enter and exit the the train.

Please contact us to discuss how our GRP Rail Industry Solutions can improve safety in your area.