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DeckSafe's GRP Solutions for the Construction Industry

GRP Construction Industry Solutions

Slips and falls that occur on construction sites can cause costly delays. Ensuring your site is as safe as possible for everyone there not only marks you as a great employer, it ensures the smooth completion of every project. Meeting the rigorous Health & Safety guidelines can be challenging but, when it comes to safe access, our GRP construction industry solutions can solve many of the issues.

Whether you need to get over an obstacle, climb up or down to reach an access point or simply not fall down a hole, GRP Access Solutions are easy to install and far cheaper than steel alternatives.

GRP Service Riser Floors

A GRP Riser Floor provides safe access for service engineers from installation to ongoing maintenance. Constructed using a framework of GRP Structural Profiles topped with GRP Grating Panels, a riser floor can be added before or after the concrete floors have been poured. The GRP mesh is easy to cut so holes can easily be added as the services go in ensuring there is never a hazardous void on site.

GRP Access Platforms

HVAC machinery is usually surrounded by pipes, ducts and cable which can make maintenance access difficult if not dangerous. Not only is this a hazard to the engineer, treading or tripping on pipes and cable can cause damage to the system.

A Maintenance Platform built using GRP will protect both the engineer and the equipment.

GRP Step Overs

High-rise rooftops are littered with pipes and cables. Adding a GRP Step Over provides a safe place for maintenance crews to cross avoiding injury and damage.

Step Overs can be built to any size to suit the hazard. What’s more, they are significantly lighter than steel equivalents which means less weight on the roof.

GRP Access Stairs

A GRP Staircase can be used to provide safe access to rooftops, mezzanine floors, kiosks, platforms and more.

Built using GRP Structural Profiles, GRP Open Mesh Stair Treads with contrasting Nosing, and SafeRail GRP Hand Railing they are lighter than steel and much quieter to walk on. They remain anti-slip even in wet or oily conditions.

GRP Walkways

A GRP Walkway can be used to cross multiple hazards with steps or ladders giving access where required.

Ideal for rooftops that are part glass or that have multiple HVAC units with limited access. Anti-slip GRP Grating ensures they stay safe in wet or oily conditions.

GRP Mezzanine Decks

Create extra space by adding a Mezzanine Floor using GRP Structural Profiles with GRP Grating on the floor and SafeRail GRP Handrail. Add steps or a ladder for access.

The space below can be used for storage too.

GRP Access Ladders

If there isn’t room for a staircase you can still gain access using either a Ships Ladder or a Cat Ladder.

Both can be constructed using GRP Structural Profiles, Handrail and Grating. Additional safety features such as hoops, self-closing gates and landing platforms can be added to minimise accidents.

GRP Trench Covers

GRP Trench Covers can be made from Open Mesh or Solid top Grating depending on how much protection is required and whether it’s for pedestrian or vehicular use.

A simple framework fabricated using GRP Structural Profiles supports the flooring of your choice. While recessed handles provide easy maintenance access.

GRP Access Ramps

Access ramp leading to a grey kiosk at Ampthill

A GRP Access Ramp can be used to provide safe access for any wheeled traffic from wheelchairs and pushchairs to tool trollies, sack barrows and pallet trucks.

Choose Solid Top Grating or Mini Mesh Grating for a smoother ride.

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