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DeckSafe's GRP Solutions for Offshore Industries

GRP Offshore Industry Solutions

Wherever you are in the world, working on a ship or an offshore platform puts you in some of the most hazardous and hostile environments on the planet. DeckSafe’s GRP offshore industry solutions help ensure the safety of maintenance crews on tankers, rigs and wind farms under any conditions. From specialist GRP grating to GRP machine guards, handrails, stairs and ladders, we work closely with our clients to develop the products they need to keep crews safe.

Phenolic Grating

A maintenance platform fitted with grey GRP Phenolic Grating

Grating made from Phenolic GRP is the latest and strongest version of GRP to date and is now routinely used in the most hostile of offshore working environments. It has the maximum fire resistance and emits little smoke or toxic fumes when burning – critical in enclosed spaces. Its reinforced structure can take exceptional loads – useful where large, uninterrupted spans need to be bridged.

Bespoke Flooring

Close up of the yellow solid top with BP Angola Tar Team written on it

We are happy to work closely with our clients to create highly bespoke surfaces and GRP flooring to suit each specific requirement.

That could include special colours, thicknesses, mesh designs, panel shapes or sizes of bespoke GRP surface. Whatever the situation, we are confident our bespoke GRP surfaces can suit the requirements of any offshore location.


A raised walkway fitted with anti-slip phenolic grating

Space can be limited on offshore platforms and ship decks, with securely stowed pipes, machinery and equipment taking priority over everything. To ensure crews navigate on board safely, providing clearly marked, anti-slip maintenance walkways around and over potential hazards can help keep everyone safely on their feet – whatever the weather conditions.

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